IKEA Nails Customer Engagement with Creative Ideas & Solutions

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Swedish retailer, IKEA, has provided many lessons in creative customer engagement and inspiration over the years, and 2020 is no exception. At a time when so many people are seeking ideas for keeping themselves or their families entertained while sheltering in place, IKEA hasn't let their customers down. In April, they released the recipe for their world-famous Swedish meatballs, and this month, they are sharing how-tos for building six different types of forts, using items you can find at home and, of course, in IKEA's online catalog.

This is a fantastic example of understanding customers' changing needs and providing ideas and solutions that are timely, useful, and fun. It's also an example of customer insight that can be derived from observation and empathy, rather than expensive research projects — people stuck at home for weeks need ideas for keeping busy and having fun.

To retailers and brands of all sizes, I hope it provides inspiration to identify opportunities to creatively engage your customers and deliver meaningful value in challenging times.

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