About Buycology
Buycology helps companies gain a competitive edge by applying real-world psychology and practical retail expertise. 
Insights are only helpful if they can be applied to the real world.
Buycology provides actionable training, coaching, and consulting based on decades of experience actually applying psychology in the retail space. The goal is to help you succeed by engaging customers more effectively — from branding and marketing to retail design and displays. It is our expertise, it is our passion, and it is our business.
Large or small, new or established, retailer, brand, product, or service — we are committed to helping your business attract more shoppers, convert them to buyers, and keep them coming back for more.
The better you understand how your customers think, the more effectively you will engage with them, and the more you will sell. Buycology is here to help. 
Drop us a line, and let's work together! 
Get engaged! 

At Buycology, we believe in retail. 

We believe thriving retail businesses are the cornerstone of vibrant, flourishing communities.

We believe engaged customers are critical to retail success. 

We believe that shopping means much more to people than simply acquiring more stuff.


We believe there is no greater business advantage than genuine insight into your customers' needs, desires, hopes, and aspirations.   

We believe retailing is branding. Every customer experience matters and broadcasts your brand's values and priorities.

We know we can help you stand out and gain a competitive edge.   

Consumer trust is the foundation of any successful brand, from Purell to Prada.

— Dr. Chris Gray, The Buycologist